email marketing

email marketing

Email marketing solutions that turn clicks into conversions.

Email marketing is an essential part of your online marketing mix—it's cost-effective, timely, and measurable. ISG will create a custom email marketing strategy to reach potential and current customers, promote special offers, and turn clicks into conversions. The combination of our practical approach and history of success allows us to work with businesses of any size.

We can manage all details of your email campaign – from the initial concept to the determined strategy, content, creative template development and hosting, legal compliance, lead tracking and reporting. All email campaigns require rigorous testing in our creative lab prior to deployment with our industry-leading software. Contact us today to create, enhance, or reinvent your email marketing strategy.

Take advantage of our email marketing solutions:

  • Design and coding - creative templates that adhere to your style guide
  • Can-spam compliance
  • Online surveys
  • A/B testing and segmented mailing lists
  • Auto response – thank you/confirmation emails triggered by visitor behavior on your site (form submission, inquiry)
  • List maintenance - bounces and opt-outs are handled immediately by our team
  • Robust reporting - data collection, monitoring, analysis and storage
  • Real-time results - available as soon as email is deployed

Targeted lead-generation with email marketing

Utilize ISG’s turnkey email marketing services to drive inbound call inquiries directly to your sales department - allowing your team to focus on the leads with the most potential to convert. Our detailed call reports provide real-time data on your campaign’s performance including: originating number, duration, date, and time of all calls, and often, the caller's name and mailing address.

Professional, creative design

As a creative interactive agency, ISG has a design team dedicated to creating fresh, functional designs. We are flexible to your needs, style and brand. If you have a preexisting relationship with an email vendor, we can deliver the produced files to them on your behalf.

Know your audience with online survey emails

Take the consumer pulse. ISG can create online surveys that provide valuable feedback from your customers. This can help you improve your service offerings and identify future marketing opportunities.

Small and local business solutions

We work with you to understand the unique needs of your small business, whether you aim to increase sales or enhance customer communications. Get your feet wet with email marketing, or improve your current approach to produce measurable results while adhering to a fixed budget.

Turn clicks into conversions

We provide you with in-depth email reporting and make recommendations based on the results.


Is your email marketing strategy efficient and legally compliant? ISG will review your current email marketing efforts and identify areas of opportunity to improve your campaign and reach your goals.

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Turn Clicks Into Conversions

We provide you with in-depth email reporting and make recommendations based on the results.

ISG Services Include

  • Full-Service Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Inbound Call Generation
  • Media Buying
  • Creative Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Routing, Reporting & Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Surveys
  • Proof of Concept
  • Regional & Local Campaigns
  • International & Multilingual Campaigns

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